Destination Weddings by The Wedding Planner LK

Sri Lanaka - Wedding Destination

Sri Lanka is a paradise island located in the heart of the Indian ocean has the finest beaches in South Asia and a well famous wedding destination all over the world and its nominated as the best travelling destination by the national geographic channel. You can find beautiful venues, privet islands with beaches for your wedding & honeymoon on this magical island.

Plan with The Wedding Planner LK

Are you looking for the finest wedding planner for your destination wedding? We are here to help you to have a magical wedding moment with The Wedding Planner LK. You must be worried about how to find from venues to vendors for your wedding in Sri Lanka. With the 12 years of industry experience, we will take away your stress and make your dream day memorable.

We are industry professionals and strengthen with My Events Asia & MASS Events which are our sister companies who dominated the corporate world in Sri Lanka. Also, we are a registered company under Sri Lanka Event Management Association ( EMA) so do not think twice how reliable of doing a wedding or event with The Wedding Planner LK. We are the only option. We are The Wedding Planner Sri Lanka.

The Wedding Planner providing a wide range of solutions for your wedding day

Air Tickets

We help you to find the most reliable and convenient airfare for you and your guests according to your budget.

Hotel Reservation

There are numerous beautiful venues to have weddings and we take care of your reservations with the guest list handling.

Wedding Planning

From the beginning to the end, a hassle-free wedding with the finest wedding planner in Sri Lanka.


We help you to find the best suppliers in the town and we coordinate all vendors and suppliers for you.

Theme & Concepts

We do unique themes & Concepts for your wedding with love and passion.


365 days assistant and communications with you

Event Rentals

We do all kinds of events and technical equipment renting with assistance.

Tour Management

We assist & guide you to find the best tours and packages during your stay including transportation facilities.

We are guaranteed 100% quality and give you the most unforgettable wedding experience in your life. End of the day you will have a stress free and peace of mind on your wedding day, it will be worth every dollar /Rupee that you have spent on your big day. We guaranteed the best price in the town. No hidden charges. No markups and that is our success behind The Wedding Planner LK.

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